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LC Aromas Infinity wax melts are available in all of our luxurious fragrances and are perfect when paired with our exciting range of burners.

Wax Melt Burners Care & Safety

In order to get the most from your wax melts & wax melt burner, please read the following guidelines.

  • Place wax burner on a flat, level surface away from draughts, other heat sources & flammable objects. We recommend placing your burner on a heat-resistant coaster or plate.
  • Position wax melt segment in the top bowl of the wax melt burner
  • Insert & light tea light in the base of the burner allowing heat from tea light to melt the wax above, releasing fragrance. Unlike candles, wax melts will not evaporate, and you can re-use the wax multiple times until scent is completely gone.
  • To remove wax: Extinguish tea light & allow wax to cool & solidify. Once solid again, light tea light for approx. 30 second, extinguish tea light and use kitchen paper to slide out wax. Wipe clean with kitchen paper before adding new wax.

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